tisdag 16 augusti 2011

DIY Star Wars baby mobile

Me and my wife are having a baby, wohoo!

So I thought long and hard how I could contribute to a happy childhood.
Let me introduce the DIY Star Wars baby mobile.

I bought 4 of Revell's miniature Star Wars ships from amazon, some wood and glow-in-the-dark planets.

Next up I assembled the models and painted them.
I used white and red paint on the ships' hulls, making contrast patterns for the baby to ponder on.
I made a wooden frame for the mobile, painted it white and strung everything up.

The ships have different weights so the X-wing have some pearls as a temporary extra weight, I'm going to switch the pearls to a safer solution before the baby's born.

Here's the photos:

The ships up front

Death from above
Contrast patterns
All set up
What we see
What the baby sees

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