onsdag 13 januari 2010

The thingamakit super8 synth project

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I got a thingamakit synth for birthday and it's a wonderful little noise maker.
But I wanted it a little more portable, a little more special.
So I decided I wanted to house the synth in a modded super8 camera.
I searched through loads of websites selling old cameras and by chance I bought a Canon 314 Zoom from Tradera ( a subsidiary to ebay).
It came cheap and fully functional, even a full film inside, I don't know if I dare develop it.

The thingamakit synth is a light controlled synth from Bleeplabs.
It's perfect for sound FX and glitchy noises.

There are some videos of the project here:

This is the super8 camera before the modding.
A little worn but fully functional.

Removing the side panel reveals the sturdy 1965 mechanism.
Loads of small screws, springs and thick metal.

Taking it apart, piece by piece...

Started cutting the metal with my dremel.

Gutted.. Saved the lens for the viewfinder so you can still look through it.

Back side, before I turned the battery compartment (right of the viewfinder) to a 6,3 mm audio out.

And after... Drilled a hole to get the audio cable from the battery compartment to the main chamber.

The pots and switches in place.. Drilled holes through the side panel.

And the inside of the side panel. Internal speaker in the bottom left corner.

Installed a 9v battery attached to the former cartridge chamber lid for easy replacement.

As you can see, the thingamakit PCB fits perfectly.
A few nervous seconds worrying it wouldn't..

Connecting the thingamakit synth to the pots, switches, audio out, battery and internal speaker.
A 3,5 mm jack leads to the front of the camera for ledacle attachment.

The attachable ledacle.

Finished : )

Other side.
Noise madness can be obtained with the ledacle attached.
Remove the ledacle for a retro camera feeling, just point the lens at a light source.

/Andreas Narkun

Thingamakit super8 mod project blog

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This is a blog about electronics, circuit bending, modding,
synthesizers, and all things that make noise.
I will soon upload my thingamakit super8 camera mod.
/Andreas Narkun